How to Add a PDF Viewer in WordPress (The Easy Way)

Do you want to add a PDF viewer in WordPress? By embedding PDF files in your website, you can make sure those files always have the same layout, no matter what device the visitor is using. These files can also keep people on your website for longer and add value for your uses.

How to Add an Author Info Box in WordPress Posts (4 Ways)

The author bio box is a small section where you can display information about the post author, show social media links, and more. However, some WordPress themes don’t have this feature built-in, or you may want to customize it.

How to Restore a WordPress Site with Just a Database Backup

We always recommend our users to make complete WordPress backups on a regular basis. But what if you unknowingly used one of the free plugins that only make database backups? In this article, we will show you how to restore a WordPress site with just a database backup. It will not be a complete restore, […]